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Important Notice about Submitting Items and their Acceptable Format – FOR ALL STUDENTS

Be aware to all students that our accrediting body requires that we file everything in pdf PORTRAIT format (no photo files, no landscape) etc or when they audit, they will just declare the items are not there. You are NOT to send ANYTHING (other than homework to Mr. Moore’s classes) in any format other than pdf in portrait position format. This includes certification renewal cards (AHA, PHTLS, state or NREMT), and also clinical documents, preceptor forms, ECG’s for rotations, etc. If you send any of those items or anything else (except original homework for grading to Mr. Moore if he is your instructor) in any other format, it will be returned to you to correct and resend. (Mr. Moore will grade and print to pdf to file when he is done – it is his preference.) Thank you.