US ARMY Credentialing Assistance Program and PERCOMOnline

In 2020, the US ARMY created and implemented a program that allows an active duty soldier to gain additional training/certifications associated with their MOS at the cost of the US ARMY. The program is referred to as the Credentialing Assistance Program, and grants up to $4000 per fiscal year for additional training.

PERCOMOnline’s EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic programs have been approved by the US ARMY for CA funding. 

The process of applying for this type of funding for use at PERCOMOnline starts with the soldier’s unit training liaison, or at The ARMY also requires that each requesting soldier contact the school directly and confirm eligibility PRIOR to completing the CA application. To prove eligibility and acceptance to the CA office, you will be required to provide an invoice from PERCOMOnline with your name on it!


How do I enroll at PERCOM using ARMY CA funding?


Before we can provide the invoice to prove acceptance with the CA office, we must qualify you for enrollment.


First thing, if there is anything in your criminal history that would prevent medical licensure in any state (ex. DUI, DWI, drug charges, assault charges, felonies), then please do not proceed with registration as we will not be able to accept you.


Next, we will need to see a copy of your valid NREMT or TX EMT cert. You can send that to us in an email to along with your name, desired training program, and any other information/requests you wish to provide. Smartphone based pictures are acceptable.


Also, please be aware and accept that our skills site is in Abilene, TX, and that clinical locations vary across the US, but are not available in all locations. These locations are subject to change, with or without notice at any time. To view our site map, please use this link –


Last, this particular funding process requires a $250 advance deposit paid by the requesting soldier to PERCOMOnline. Once you have completed the registration process and are fully enrolled into the course, we will refund your deposit.


After the ARMY has paid (but before enrollment is completed), if you: withdraw, fail the criminal check, or fail to fully register; your enrollment will be denied and deposit forfeit.


When applying for eligibility, please send self confirmation of clear criminal history, and your EMT cert to Support here or We will then respond with a link to the deposit payment portal. Once your deposit clears, we will complete and send your acceptance invoice to complete your CA application.


Once they have fully processed your application and have sent your payment, we will send you information on how to complete registration and enrollment.


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