Paramedic Advanced Placement


For AEMT or Prior Paramedic | Earn Paramedic Certification in 12 Months or Less | National Registry Standards

Fee to Challenge: $500

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Are you a Nationally Certified Advanced EMT, or Texas Advanced EMT?

You could qualify to challenge the first half of our Paramedic Program!

Successfully complete the challenge process, and you will qualify to enroll straight into the Paramedic 2 Program and save $3,200 on Paramedic *tuition*!

Our accelerated paramedic program is one of very few in existence, and the top choice of hundreds of Advanced EMT’s so far!

 If you have been certified in the last 5 years for the certifications listed above, you may also qualify for this program!

This challenging process is intended to prove equivalence to our current students in our AEMT/Paramedic 1 Program.

ONLY Advanced EMT’s with extensive AEMT experience and more advanced level training need apply! Be sure to check the SKILLS LIST at the bottom of this page to ensure you meet the minimum knowledge/skill level before applying!


IMPORTANT! The tuition fee for this program is not refundable in the event of failure! Once any portion of the challenge testing process is attempted/completed(online exam or psychomotor exam), the candidate is no longer eligible for a refund of any kind. Also, this program is valid for one test attempt, and re-tests are not allowed!

However, we will allow an unsuccessful challenge student to use this fee towards tuition for the entire Paramedic Program, if they choose to enroll into the program.

*Tuition* – Normal tuition rate not including sale pricing.


  1. Paramedic 1 Didactic Waived
  2. Paramedic 1 Clinical Hrs. Waived
  3. Finish Paramedic Nine Months Faster
  4. Save $2,400 on Paramedic Tuition


Complete Application Online

During signup, you will be asked to complete the Advanced Placement Application Form, complete a Criminal Background check, and set up a account. These key elements are mandatory by our accrediting bodies for all EMT students, and are necessary for the educational experience provided with PERCOMOnline. For this reason, a $250 non-refundable application fee is included in the tuition for all courses and challenge fees(only applies if refund request comes before test attempt).

After your payment has been verified, you will be emailed a link in the “order completed” email to the application form, where you will find instructions for the background check and signup, and submit your information with the following documents:

  1. Turn in a scanned copy of your government issued photo ID
  2. Turn in proof of high school graduation or GED completion
  3. American Heart Association Healthcare/BLS Provider CPR card
  4. National Registry Advanced  EMT Card / Texas Advanced EMT certification
    • If your certifications is expiring within 3 months of intended signup date, you must first renew your certification before being allowed to test!
  5. Verifiable Resume outlining Education and Work History
    • Must include 3 professional references and their contact details

Schedule Exam

Once the background check and resume have been approved by the Program Director, Admissions will email you a link to schedule your online exam. Exams are given on normal business days with exceptions of holidays, and will be administered by a LIVE Online Proctor. Other test slots are available at special times, but an additional scheduling fee will apply.

Take Your Exam

Your exam will be provided via EMSTesting with a PERCOM proctor. During your webinar, the proctor will assist you in setting up your EMSTesting account (if needed) and then will direct you to the exam. You will receive your results at the end of the exam.


Curriculum changes over the years have changed what Advanced EMT’s are required to know in the field. That being said, the Paramedic 1 exam is not to be taken halfheartedly and only Advanced EMT’s that are comfortable in their former education and their current abilities should attempt the exam. However, if you feel you have what it takes to complete this accelerated paramedic program, signup now and be ready to take your exam in 1-2 weeks.


Paramedic 1 challenge students will need to attend a Skills Testing session to demonstrate adequate knowledge of the required skills for Paramedic 1. This portion comes after the challenge exam, and can be completed later in the program.

To view a list of the required skills, click the following button.

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