US EMS License Information By State


PERCOMOnline, Inc. and PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium provide initial education and training courses and programs that are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and prepare the graduate for subsequent testing processes required to certify through the National Registry of EMT’s (NREMT).

All 50 states in the U.S. currently have a reciprocity pathway for students who have achieved NREMT certification after completing a program licensed in another state other than the student’s home state.  It is up to the individual student/graduate to verify those processes and follow that state’s instructions, procedures, and any other testing required to be allowed to certify in that state.

Each state has different processes, procedures and requirements that may be over and above current NREMT certification (i.e. some states require that the student certifies in another state first, such as Texas, and use that along with the NREMT to apply through reciprocity).

PERCOM is happy to supply further documentation upon request and is also happy to provide students with increased rotation opportunities during the course of the program to meet an individual state’s requirements if requested and within reason.

For international students/graduates, those students/graduates are responsible for verifying those standards, processes, procedures, certifications and any other requirements for the desired country or province.

While PERCOM has posted information or links here to individual state licensing/certification departments to assist student in seeking licensing/certification/reciprocity requirements, it is impossible to maintain up to date information at times as states do not typically communicate changes in requirements nationally – only locally.  If you find information that is incorrect or has been changed or updated, please send us a support request with the updated information. However, we refuse liability for any information provided herein that is incorrect, changed or updated since it was posted here.  Students/graduates remain responsible for verifying this information and meeting that state’s specific requirements for certification or licensing.

US States List

Alabama –

Alaska –

Arizona –

Arkansas –

California –

Colorado –

Connecticut –—EMS-LicensureCertificationExams#46950

Delaware –

Florida –

Georgia –

Hawaii –

Idaho –

Illinois –

Indiana –

Iowa –

Kansas –

Kentucky –

Louisiana –

Maine –

Maryland –

Massachusetts –

Michigan –,5885,7-339-73970_5093_28508-47472–,00.html

Minnesota –

Mississippi –,0,307.html

Missouri –

Montana –

Nebraska –

Nevada –

New Hampshire –

New Jersey –

New Mexico –

New York –

North Carolina –

North Dakota –

Ohio –

Oklahoma –

Oregon –

Pennsylvania –

Rhode Island –

South Carolina –

South Dakota –

Tennessee –

Texas –

Utah –

Vermont –

Virginia –

Washington –

West Virginia –

Wisconsin –

Wyoming –

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