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Faculty & Staff


Program Director


Jane Dinsmore – BS, LP, NREMT-P

Jane Dinsmore, the Program Director for the PERCOMOnline, Inc. and PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium Programs, has been involved in EMS for over 30 years with most of that time as a Paramedic. She has been heavily involved in EMS education since 1993 and became a Coordinator and Program Director in 1995 for Mother Frances Hospital (now Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital). She has also been a Coordinator and Program Director for a time for Tyler Junior College and then for another online EMS Education program before building PERCOM. She has worked 911 systems for most of her career and was the Operations Director for two 911 rural services, building one of them from the ground up. She also flew for two years as a Flight Paramedic with Mother Frances Flight for Life.

Mrs. Dinsmore has been a “mover and shaker” in EMS Education. She, along with her mentor and teaching partner, William E. Gandy, JD, LP, built the very first online hybrid versions for EMT and Paramedic education in 1998 at Tyler Junior College. They were told that it “could not be done” but they managed to create it and get it approved by the state of Texas as the very first state to deliver EMS initial training through this method. Since that time, she has been the leader in EMS education online development and delivery methods, and PERCOM was the very first CAAHEP accredited online/hybrid program in the state of Texas as well as one of the first nationwide. Accrediting and licensing bodies, as well as other education programs, have continually had to strive to keep up with the trailblazing in the education field that she and her team have demonstrated over the years.

Jane holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in Emergency Medical Services, is a licensed and National Registry certified Paramedic, and is a certified EMS Education Coordinator for the state of Texas. She is married, has six grown children, and has helped to raise one of her six grandchildren.

Medical Director

Image of Dr. Donald Phillips Medical Director

Dr. Donald Phillips, D.O., FAAEM, FACOEP-Dist

Donald Phillips is the 1982 valedictory graduate of Frisco (TX) High School. He began in EMS as a volunteer FF with Frisco Fire Dept. He graduated EMT at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas in 1982. While working towards his bachelor’s degree at Texas Christian University he also attended paramedic school through Henderson County Community College. He completed that program in 1984. He graduated from TCU in 1986 and then enrolled at University of North Texas – Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree in 1991. He completed a rotating internship at Phelps County Regional Medical Center in Rolla, MO in 1992 and then began the Emergency Medicine residency at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, OH.

His involvement in EMS has involved work as a provider in rural volunteer, private transfer, private 911, standby, and long-distance transfer agencies. He has served as EMS medical director to rural, suburban, and urban agencies as well as to volunteer and paid agencies. He has served as a tactical physician for law enforcement agencies and completes the Tactical EMT course through the Counter Operations Narcotics and Tactical Medical Support program in 2002. He has served on the Texas Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC) on the EMS Medical Directors’ committee and on the council. He is an examiner for the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine (AOBEM) and has been on the board of directors since 2012.

Assistant Medical Director


Dr. James Frame, M.D.

Assistant Medical Director

Dr. Matthew Eschlebach, M.S, D.O., FACEP, FAAPL, CPE

Dr. Eschelbach is trained in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine as well as being a physician leader.  His experience includes being the Emergency Department Medical Director, the Medical Director of EMS and Trauma, and several hospital leadership positions.  He is currently the Medical Director of Physician Relations and an active clinician in the St Charles Health Care System. He has dedicated years to Emergency Medical Services at both the local, state and national levels.  He was named ER Medical Director of the Year and EMS Medical Director of the Year for the State of Oregon.  He earned his Master’s degree in Microbiology from Oregon State University and graduated medical school from Des Moines University. He is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and is board certified by the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians and the AOA Family Medicine. He is a Fellow of the American Association for Physician Leadership. He is a Certified Physician Executive.

Dr. Eschelbach has a passion for teaching.  He enjoys medical humor and has published several articles in the medical literature.  He is a faculty member of several medical colleges. He is married with children.


Jerry Dinsmore



Patrick Rogers

Mr. Rogers became involved in EMS education at an early age by helping out as an actor for his mother’s EMS Skills sessions for Mother Frances Hospital, then at Tyler Junior College. Even though he never took on his mother’s mantle in EMS, he has always been proud to help in training life-saving personnel.

He has been with PERCOM in several different capacities for the last few years. From 2010-2012 and since late 2015, Mr. Rogers has been PERCOM’s primary test proctor and Director of Admissions. Early on in 2017, he also took on all website re-design/development & online representation responsibilities, and currently maintains all associated areas including all technical support requests.

Executive Assistant


Sherri Deichmann Carson

Sherri has been the Executive Assistant for PERCOMOnline, Inc. and PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium since 2014.  A graduate of Hahn American High School in Germany, she holds an Associate’s Degree from Texas State Technical College in Sweetwater, Texas.

Prior to joining PERCOM, Sherri served in both managerial and administrative capacities in Abilene and in the Dallas area, where she and her family lived before returning to Abilene to care for her mother. In addition to working in retail sales and management, she was a Financial Aide clerk at Texas A&M-Commerce and held similar positions at Lasky Hawbaker, CPA, Phillip Vogel, CPA, and AIG, all in Dallas. Before returning to Abilene, Sherri was the office manager for Universal Exca-Tech, Inc., a commercial building contractor in Rockwall County, for several years.

Sherri and her husband, Kevin, are the parents of three grown children and enjoy spoiling four grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, Visiting museums and historical sites, crafting, and spending time with her family. She is also active with Military Brat organizations and loves reconnecting with fellow high school classmates from Germany.

Finance Manager


Gordon Coker

Clinical Coordinator

Tammy Williams

Online Instructors

EMT Course Coordinator


Steven Hobbs, EMT-P

EMT & AEMT Instructor


Rick Moore, RN, EMT-P

Rick is a Registered Nurse, Texas Licensed Paramedic and Texas Certified EMS Instructor with over 23 years of experience. Rick started his career in nursing as an LVN in the Texas Hill Country in a 15-bed rural community hospital in 1993. Shortly after joining the hospital, the hospital administration offered to sponsor an EMT Basic class and cover costs for any of the nursing staff willing to become EMT’s and help the county volunteer EMS which was short-staffed. Rick was one of several nurses to take advantage of the offer and became and EMT-B in 1994. Rick discovered he loved EMS and continued both his EMS education and his nursing education. He became an EMT-I in 1996 and achieved both Registered Nurse and Licensed Paramedic in 1998. Along the way, Rick became a certified EMS Instructor and ultimately served as Training Officer for both the county EMS and local volunteer Fire Department. Rick also pursued Instructor status for American Heart Association BLS, ACLS and PALS classes and implemented training programs in the local hospital as well as another Hill Country Hospital located in Fredericksburg, Texas.
In 2004 Rick relocated to College Station Texas to serve as the Director of Trauma for College Station Medical Center and ultimately achieved Level III Trauma Center status for the hospital. Through these experiences, Rick discovered he also has a love for teaching. To continue teaching Rick joined the staff at TEEX-Emergency Services Training Institute as a part-time Adjunct Instructor and National Registry Skills Examiner a position he held for nearly 10 years, ultimately earning the position of Lead Adjunct Instructor, teaching the night paramedic classes at TEEX.
In 2011 Rick decided to slow down and spend more time with family. In order to pursue this, Rick left the trauma world and began working as a Home Health Nurse, ultimately he left TEEX as well in 2013, but kept teaching the AHA courses for a College Station Medical Center and a local private company. In 2015 Rick had an overwhelming desire to resume teaching EMS courses and joined PERCOM. He started teaching an EMT-Basic course and ultimately added two AEMT courses in 2016.

AEMT & Paramedic Course Instructor

adam baer, aemt and paramedic instructor

Adam Baer, NRP, LP, A.A.S.

Adam Baer is a native of the New York City area and a graduate of Columbia Southern University’s EMS degree program. He is currently an instructor in both the AEMT and Paramedic programs.

Adam’s EMS career began in 2007 as an Emergency Medical Technician in a busy 911 system where he held the position of Training Lieutenant.

In 2009, Adam joined the Army as a Combat Medic and served for eight years in numerous roles and capacities, eventually being promoted as a medical sergeant in a Chemical/HAZMAT unit based out of Queens, New York.

In 2015, Adam became a Federal Law Enforcement Officer in New York City, where he was a member of the specialized Tactical Emergency Response Team. Despite his demanding role, he pursued further education, earning his paramedic certification through the PERCOM program.

After completing the paramedic program and moving his Family to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Adam began practicing as a paramedic and now performs Quality Assurance Quality Improvement and Education for a large private EMS service in Texas. He currently holds National Registry certification as well as Texas Licensure as a Paramedic and EMS Instructor. He has been with the PERCOM family as an instructor since February of 2024.

EMS Instructor Course Instructor

Peggy Fonseca, EMT-P, MCP

Became an EMS volunteer in 1989 for a Rural Hospital Based EMS System and then a Paramedic in 1991 for the same service. I was too young to drive the ambulance due to insurance requirements so I spent a lot of time in the back of the box.  I worked at various private EMS services as well as level two trauma centers.  I then became an EMS Chief in 1996 for a rural EMS service.  Due to the shortage of Paramedics in the rural areas of South Texas, I decided to grow my own Paramedics.  I successfully taught a Paramedic class in 2008 resulting in an additional 4 Paramedics for my service. I retired in 2015 and went to work for an international EMS service as EMS Chief, building an EMS service on the Texas / Mexico border.  I then started my own Public Safety Consulting / Grant Writing / Emergency Plan Writing / Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)business and have acquired over 1 million USD in grants for Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Management.

I have been an EMS Instructor since 1994 and have taught in various theaters both locally and globally.

Skills Instructors

Garrett “Red” Sanders

Site Location: Blanco, TX

Garrett has been in the Fire/EMS field for 14 years, starting off as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT fresh out of EMT school. He has experience in the hospital setting as well, having been an ER Tech in a major trauma center. Garrett currently is a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic and teaches American Heart Association card classes regularly. He holds an associate’s degree and is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree.

In his spare time, Garrett likes to tinker on vehicles and on projects in & around the house.