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NREMT Paramedic Training

Licensed in Texas and accredited by CAAHEP/COAEMSP. Training to the current Paramedic standards set by the National Registry of EMTs. PERCOMOnline’s hybrid paramedic program is one of the first of its kind, and continues to train highly qualified professionals to this day.

To learn the details of our Paramedic Program, click here.

To find our what it means to be a licensed Paramedic, click here.

Information for our Accelerated Paramedic Training Program for AEMTs can be found here.

To start the process of becoming a Paramedic with PERCOM, click here.


PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium’s Paramedic Program is proud to announce the following Outcomes Report for the last report cycle required by CAAHEP for items in which preliminary reports are available and reported to CAAHEP for the graduating year 2022:

NREMT Written Exam Pass Rate = 77.7%

Program Retention = 71.6%

Job Placements = 86.5% (however some graduates did not return the survey)

Students who did not reply to surveys or provide the information by other means to the school regarding post-graduation employment are not included in this average.


Emergency Medical Services can be a very dangerous place. EMS Personnel and Students may come in contact with all sorts of potential threats or dangers that could place them at higher risk for illness or injury. Some of these potential dangers can even be in the lab/classroom, while others are more likely to be encountered during rotations or after the graduate enters the workforce. Students and graduates should always maintain a high index of situational awareness and take appropriate precautions to protect themselves, other students, other personnel, and bystanders when indicated. Some of the potential risks include but are not limited to:

  1. Violence/assaults
  2. Verbal threats/aggression
  3. Motor vehicle crashes
  4. Infectious disease
  5. Lifting injuries
  6. Sprains and strains
  7. Psychological trauma
  8. Hazardous chemical exposure
  9. Hyper/hypothermia

Remember, stay aware and protect yourself and others.

For Students

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