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Demo Course

Demo Course

This demo course was created and offered to incoming students to try out our learning management system before signup.

Each of our online courses follows this layout, and is available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for registering for your account at PERCOMCourses.com, and we hope you find our courses enjoyable and easy to use.


Please Scroll Down to view lessons.

Chapter 1 – Lesson Types

LESSON 1: Welcome To The Demo Course! –Not started
LESSON 2: How the Hybrid Courses Work –Not started
LESSON 3: Video Lesson –Not started
LESSON 4: Presentation Lesson –Not started
LESSON 5: Assignment Lesson –Not started
LESSON 6: Quiz Lesson –Not started
LESSON 7: Customer Support Channels –Not started

Chapter 2 – Registration & Enrollment

LESSON 1: Overview Video –Not started
LESSON 2: How To Signup –Not started
LESSON 3: How To Register –Not started
LESSON 4: Enrollment –Not started

5 thoughts on “Demo Course”

  1. As req is a color copy of DL and high school transcript, how do I download that ? Also I am mailing my background check and fee in today 4/23/21.
    Danielle Prather

    • Hi Danielle, Copies of your ID and diploma can be made digital by using a digital scanner or taking color pictures with your smartphone. These images will then be used when completing our Course Registration form. For the background check, you must use our vendor for this, and the cost is included in the tuition fee.

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