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All online courses with PERCOMOnline Inc. are Open Enrollment, which means that there no preset class start/end dates. The start date is different for each student, and is based on when they complete the registration process.

PLEASE NOTE: Open Enrollment DOES NOT MEAN Immediate Enrollment!!!

All students MUST complete the Registration Process to be officially enrolled into any online course!

Students signing up for the EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic courses must complete and clear a background check. Click Here to view the conditions that will prevent certification in the state of Texas.

While there are not set start dates, there is a limit to how long a student has to complete registration and enroll. Please read the bullets below for our registration/enrollment policy.

  • The time allowed for registration and enrollment is 15 business days from the delivery date the Registration Link email.
  • All registration steps must be complete within the allowed time frame. If they are not, registration will be  canceled and a refund processed per our policy.
    Per policy, the application fee portion will not be refunded.
  • New students whose background checks are still processing after 10 days and have submitted all other  registration steps, will be exempt from this policy.
  • New students who have only submitted a background check and have not completed the other steps are subject to this policy.

How do I Register?

The Registration Process consists of 3 main areas: student information submission, background check signup, and class signup at EMSTesting.com. After you pay your tuition for a given course, you will be redirected to our Course Registration Page where you can submit your information, and find instructions on how to complete the background check and EMSTesting requirements. If you do are not redirected to Course Registration, or receive an email containing a link to the Course Registration page, please contact Support.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is NOT COMPLETE until AFTER your background check has fully cleared and been verified by PERCOM Staff!!!

When filling out the Registration Form, you will need the following information and color copies of documentation:

  1. Full Name & Email Address
  2. Mailing Address & Phone Number
  3. Government-issued Identification Card
  4. American Heart Association BLS Providers Certification
  5. High School Diploma or College Transcript
  6. EMT certification ( For Advanced Courses )
  7. EMS Resume ( For AEMT Challenge Students )

EMS INSTRUCTOR STUDENTS: We will just need your information and a copy of your Identification card for enrollment into the EMS Instructor Course. If you are registering for EMS Instructor, you will not need to complete the background check or signup at EMSTesting.com.

What Can I Expect?

After you have completed the Registration Process, it will take several days for everything to clear and be processed through Admissions before you can begin your course. 

The background check typically takes anywhere from 3 to 15 days to fully process. This depends on the applicants residential history, ex. the more places you have legally lived, the longer the background check takes.

The fees for EMSTesting.com and PlatinumPlanner.com ARE NOT included in tuition for the EMT Program signup options, but ARE INCLUDED for all Paramedic Program signup options!

After you have been accepted into your class in EMSTesting.com, you will be prompted to enter your class purchase code that came with your textbook package or enter a credit card. This step must be completed to gain full access to the class. PlatinumPlanner.com comes later, right before you begin the Clinical portion of the program.

As was stated at the top of this page, enrollment is not immediate! Please expect up to 15 days for everything to process and to gain access to your online course.

After you have completed the registration process and background check, we will create your user account and enroll you into your course. At that point, you will be able to login to this website and start your lessons.


Each Program in our School has deadlines by which students are expected to complete didactic and/or the overall Class or Program.  They are:

EMS Instructor – 3 months total

EMT – 3 months for completing through final exam and the other 3 months to complete the EMT Exit Session (skills) and all rotations.  Total 6 months.

P1/AEMT – 5 months to complete through final exam and the other 4 months is to complete Skills Practice and Testing Sessions and AEMT level rotations (if certifying as NREMT-Advanced).  Total 9 months.

P2 – 5 months to complete through the Paramedic final exam and 6 months to complete any remaining Skills Practice and Testing Sessions and all rotations through Final Field Internship.  Total for this segment is 11 months.

TOTAL time by which students are expected to be completed with the entire Paramedic Program is 20 months. P1 students are expected to complete that segment within 9  months so as to stay on track to be able to complete the entire Program within the time allotted.  While students MAY complete faster than the designated deadlines, exceeding deadlines will cost the student extension fees of $100 per month plus processing and must be REQUESTED by email of the Program Director.  Extensions are not guaranteed and will be granted on a case by case basis.


Students will be monitored and assessed regarding overall behavior, interactions, appearance, and overall student presentation and performance at various stages in the program.  Applicants should read (and considering printing a copy of) the linked document and assessment form in its entirety.  Be aware, students may be given a mandatory counseling plan or even removed from the Program for not successfully meeting the standards outlined in this document and assessment form and/or the Student Handbook, which is also linked here for you to read (and print for future reference).




In this section you will find copies of our student agreements for EMT and AEMT/Paramedic. If you would like to review these prior to signing up, please feel free to access the files below.