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Credit Card Requirement for Payments Through Website

Recently, we have had a couple students that had their payment declined on our website even though there is enough funds in their account to cover the payment. The reason this happens is because their bank does not report the address back to our processor for verification. Many small regional/local banks do not use AVS verification with their accounts, therefore the debit cards associated with these banks will not process.

If another credit/debit card is not available for use from a bank that DOES report AVS and we are forced to send an invoice from Quickbooks for payment, there will be a service fee of $15 added to each of these invoices. This service fee is charged because we must now manually create, process, and clear a payment across multiple systems that requires additional manpower not factored into the price of our products/services.

To avoid any possible payment issues or additional fees, please ensure you are using a credit/debit card that DOES report AVS back to our credit card processor. If you are unsure if your card issuer provides this, call and ask them directly.

~ P.R. COO