Download Zoom Software

To find out what version you are running, please see What Version Am I Running?

PC, Mac or Linux

Zoom provides a pop-up notification when there is a new Mandatory or Optional update within 24 hours of logging in.

You can also manually download the latest version by

Note: is hosted on while is hosted on

There are 3 types of updates; web-onlymandatory and optional.

  • Web-only updates are available for new fixes that are being tested.
  • Mandatory updates will start once you click on update. You cannot proceed further until you update.
  • Optional updates will start once you click on update. You can proceed should you decide to postpone the update till a later time and update manually.

Note: If you choose to postpone your optional update, you will only be prompted to update the next time you login.

iOS and Android

Zoom uses the mobile notification whenever there is a new update.  You can click on the Appstore to update. On Android, you can download the latest version from Google Play.



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