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Articulation Agreements

PERCOMOnline currently has articulation agreements for paramedic credits with two colleges: Texas State Technical College; and the University of New Haven.

Below we have included the details for both schools.

Texas State Technical College

TSTC in Abilene offers an A.A.S. degree in Emergency Medical Services for Paramedics. Paramedic graduates from the PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium Paramedic Program who take and pass the examination processes for NREMT-Paramedic are eligible to apply to this degree program and may receive college credit for completion of the Paramedic Program through PERCOM.

Requirements to participate in this program include:

  1. The PERCOM graduate must take and pass NREMT-Paramedic following graduation
    from PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium’s Paramedic program.
  2. The PERCOM graduate must successfully complete all application, enrollment and
    testing processes as designated by TSTC for approval and admission to TSTC, and pay
    all enrollment fees and subsequent tuition, books and other fees, just like any other
    student who wishes to apply for enrollment to TSTC. Approval into the degree program
    is not guaranteed and is subject to normal approval and review processes in place by
  3. The PERCOM Paramedic Program graduates accepted to TSTC will receive a maximum
    of 41 transfer credits for the successful completion of the PERCOM Paramedic
    Certificate Program and subsequent NREMT certification deemed comparable (based on
    current course description information, course requirements, and agreement by the
    representatives of the respective programs) to current TSTC courses.
  4. All transfer students under this agreement are required to complete 25% of the EMS AAS
    degree (a 60-credit hour program) at TSTC (equivalent to 15 credit hours).

University of New Haven