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Price List

Provided below is a complete price list for all services/products offered by PERCOMOnline Inc.

Prices on textbooks are approximate.

This list is subject to change without notice.

Tuition Pricing:

Tuition pricing does not include any discounts.

  • EMS Instructor: $299
  • EMT Program: $1,000
  • AEMT Program: $3,750
  • Advanced Placement for Paramedic (P1 Challenge): $500
  • Paramedic Program: $7,500
  • Paramedic 2 Program: $3,750


Additional Items and Fees

( * = Taxable Item )

* EMT Textbook: $159.99

* Anatomy and Physiology Textbook and Navigate 2 Access: $109

* Anatomy and Physiology Navigate 2 Access ONLY: $83

* Paramedic Primary Textbook Series: $350

* Paramedic Basic ECG Textbook: $139

* Pharmacology for the Prehospital Provider: $98.99

* Paramedic 12 Lead ECG Textbook: $69.95

(P1 and P2 testbank accesses are required for Paramedic students)

Emstesting.com EMT testbank access: $49.00

Emstesting.com P1/AEMT testbank access: $66.50

Emstesting P2 testbank access: $97.50

(for all Advanced students)

Platinumplanner.com EMT lab and clinical tracker access: $30.00

Platinumplanner.com Paramedic lab and clinical tracker access: $85.00

10 Panel Urine Drug Screen through cFirst: $37.00

* Extra Rotation Shirt (price varies by size) minimum: $26.00 + mailing cost

Remaining Uniform Needs (belt, shoes, uniform pants, etc. and prices vary) minimum: $200.00 (approximately)

Private Tutoring Fees (varies by the tutor) minimum: $25.00 per hour

“Fees” are more fixed in pricing and under the direct control of the Program.  Prices are subject to change but currently enrolled students will be notified of the changes using the course platform mass communication methods (Blogs, Newsfeed, etc.)


Custom Quickbooks Invoice Fee – $15 per invoice

Shipping: $19.99 per order

*One on one Skills Session Fee: $309 per session

*Helper at One on one Skills Session (in cash to EMT helper): $100 per session

*Skills Session “No Show” Fee: $309 per session

*Rotation “No Show” Fee: $51.50 per shift

*Retesting Fee for Proctored Didactic Exams: $51.50 per exam

*Proctored Didactic Exam “No Show” Fee: $51.50 per exam

*Course Extension Fee: $103 per month

EMS Instructor Course Reinstatement Fee: $77.25

*EMT Course Reinstatement Fee: $206

*AEMT Course Reinstatement (if enrolled only in AEMT): $309

*Paramedic Course Reinstatement Fee: $412

*Rotation Nametag Replacement Fee: $16.00 + mailing cost

Tablet PC Overage (over 1 Gb per month) Fee amount charged by the wireless carrier to PERCOM will be passed on to the student.

Tablet PC Charger Replacement Fee: $26.00

Tablet PC Missing Original Box: $100.00

Tablet Reset: $20.88

* Tablet PC Replacement Fee: $309

Certified/Tracked Mail for Transcript to another School: $13.00

* Hard Copy Course Completion Certificate: $11.00 + mailing

* Damage to any skills or rotation equipment/supplies, actual costs, or amount damaged by student billed to PERCOM.

Please note that any outstanding tuition, fees, or charges will cause the Program to withhold marking students clear for NREMT testing or receiving a Program Course Completion Certificate until all outstanding charges are successfully cleared by student or student’s designated payer.


NREMT examination fees are not included in tuition and will be paid by the student after they have graduated from PERCOMOnline.

Cognitive Exams: Computer-based written exam at PearsonVue testing center.

  • EMT Cognitive Exam: $80
  • AEMT Cognitive Exam: $115
  • Paramedic Cognitive Exam: $125

Psychomotor Exams: 3rd party sites for skills exams. Pricing varies from site to site.

  • EMT: Included in our EMT program
  • AEMT: Prices range from $150-$300
  • Paramedic: Prices range from $200-$500