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Reminder Warning about Copyright Violations

This is a STERN reminder that you are not allowed to copy, screen shot or otherwise share content from emstesting.com or percomcourses.com.  This will be considered a copyright violation and will be strictly enforced.  Platinum Educational Group owns emstesting.com, and they have warnings that you must accept when you enter your password for every exam reminding you of this.  They give you two warnings if they catch you doing this, and they have advanced software with which to do it.  If you have a third violation with them, they will ban you permanently from their site, just as it states in their pop up and other warnings. If you are banned from their site, you cannot complete our program.  So be SURE you do not copy/paste/screen shot or otherwise do anything that COULD be construed as using content in ways other than as intended for the purposes of your educational experience and cannot be viewed or perceived as copyright violations or cheating.  You will be barred from the program and there are no refunds even if this occurs during the designated Refund Policy period for cheating or copyright violations.