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Student Withdraw Policy

Students who wish to voluntarily withdraw from the program must message or email the Program Director to initiate the withdrawal. Withdrawal requests must be received by the Program Director before the final deadline date specified for that student based on the course access date and deadline dates documented in the course roster. All withdrawals are subject to the Refund Policy, which was distributed during enrollment and is posted on the PERCOM Policies webpage at percomcourses.com.

Students who voluntarily withdraw from the program are eligible for reinstatement for up to 6 months from the “drop date” posted on the course roster.

Students who reinstate will be required to pay a reinstatement fee and reset the payment plan ( if any ) and make a payment as designated by the Payments Manager if applicable.

Students may choose to take a voluntary suspension rather than formally withdraw from the program for up to six months from the time of the suspension date. During this time, the student may choose to continue payments, if on a payment plan, or request that payments also be suspended until the student’s return before the designated deadline. To return, the student must message or email the Program Director to request to return and reset the payment plan ( if any ) and make a payment as designated by the Payments Manager, if applicable. The Program Director will reinstate the student to the program without further financial or academic penalty and reset the course deadline accordingly and to the appropriate date based on the amount of time the student has already been in the program and how long the student was out of the program.

Voluntary suspension students who do not notify the Program Director and return within 6 months of the withdrawal or drop will be treated as a new enrollee/student both academically and financially.