What is an Advanced EMT (AEMT)?

An Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) is simply an EMT Basic trained and skilled in some advanced level care. The AEMT is the bridge between your average EMT and the certified Paramedic, and was once referred to as EMT-Intermediate. An AEMT can not only preform basic life support skills of an EMT, but can also deliver limited advanced life support.

According the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician's (NREMT), an AEMT is:

"The primary focus of the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician is to provide basic and limited advanced emergency medical care and transportation for critical and emergent patients who access the emergency medical system."

AEMTs are commonly found as fire fighters and law enforcement officers.



How Do I Become an AEMT?

To become an AEMT, one would first need to find out the exact licensing requirements for the state you live in. To work professionally as an AEMT, each state requires a licence with the state directly. Almost (if not every) state has a web page dedicated to EMS licensing requirements. The web pages cover the exact requirements, application process, and fees needed to attain the state licence.

In almost every state, each AEMT hopeful needs to first become a certified/licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Each AEMT applicant needs to first also ensure they do not have anything in their personal criminal history that would prevent them from accessing sensitive areas in hospitals and EMS providers.

A valid drivers license may also be required, depending on where the student will be attempting to use their new AEMT certification.

This is the link to the Initial Licensure for EMT, AEMT, & Paramedic for Texas - https://www.dshs.texas.gov/emstraumasystems/certinfo.shtm

How does PERCOMOnline help those upgrading to AEMT?

If you live in a state other than Texas and are thinking about taking our program, click here for information on certification and licensing rules in your state.

If you are certified and ACTIVE with NREMT or are licensed in the state of Texas as an EMT, PERCOMOnline can assist you to the next level with a program that is flexible, self-paced, and affordable. We had working EMTs in mind when we designed our program, and find that it fits into most schedules.

The AEMT Program is a 9 month maximum training regiment, that has 3 parts.

Part 1. Online Didactic - Each AEMT student will have up to 5 months to complete the coursework and course final exam. All of this portion is provided online. The coursework can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Final exams are hosted via proctored webinar on the student's personal computer at home or work.

Part 2. Skills Training/Testing - This portion of the program is live at one of our training facilities in Texas or Missouri(private sessions only). For AEMT, each student will have two 1-day practice sessions, and one 1-day testing session with a live instructor and classmates.

Part 3. Clinical Internship - The last part of the AEMT program is a minimum of 168 clinical hours that will be acquired working under the student capacity at hospitals and EMS agencies within PERCOMOnline's clinical network.

Each AEMT student will have up to 9 months to complete all 3 parts. Extensions are available if more time is needed.


How to register for AEMT at PERCOMOnline

Signup and registration for this program is done using the tuition store on this website.

To signup for AEMT, please choose from one of the following tuition programs:

After you have completed your signup and payment online, please allow 1-2 business days for processing on our end. Once it has processed, you will receive an email directing you to a web page that contains all of the registration information and online form for your documents, address, etc.

If you need a custom payment plan or for company/sponsor invoicing, please contact our Billing Dept direct at billing@percomonline.com.

If you sponsoring a student, please click here to learn more about your role as a sponsor and for payment information.


For questions or assistance, please contact support@percomcourses.com.


How does the AEMT program work?

Our AEMT Program is a self paced, 9 month max, National Registry of EMTs approved and TX licensed online-based and in-person training program.

The first half of the program is completely online. Each student has up to 5 months to complete the online course, homeworks, research exams, and final exam to qualify for the 2nd part of the program.

The last 4 months starts with a three, 1-day AEMT skills training and testing session that are in person at one of our approved training facilities. The remainder of this time is used to complete at least 168 hours of clinical shifts in the hospital and on an ambulance.

Once completed, the AEMT student will receive an official Couse Completion certificate and will be marked "Eligible to test" in the NREMT database.

At that point, the student is ready to sit for the NREMT written exam for certification, which is needed for the state license in TX and many other US states.

Do I need any other certificates before enrolling?

Yes, you must be either actively certified as an EMT with NREMT or in the state of Texas prior to enrollment.

This course is not an entry level course.

Will I have to travel for this course?

More than likely, you will have to do some distance travelling for this program, even if you reside in Texas.

The first in person part of the program is the skills session. This is only held at our offices in Abilene, TX at this time. So, about 4-5 months into your program, you will be required to travel to Abilene or San Antonio.

The remaining clinical portion of the program will be achieved using multiple hospital and EMS sites in our network. Exact locations depend on shift/department availability. We do take student location requests into consideration during the scheduling phase.

How do the AEMT payments work?

Payments are made within the MY ACCOUNT area of your user account on this website. Within that area are places to add your Payment Methods, change account email address, manage orders, etc.

We highly recommend that you create your user account and login before attempting to make your first payment or any payment.

To make a payment, first select either the Pay Deposit (for payment plans) or Pay in Full option, then click Add to Cart to be redirected to checkout.

Credit card payments are secured through multiple layers of protection, and are safe to process on this website. The other option would be to make your credit card payment over the phone with our Billing representative.


The first payment is the largest to cover your registration costs. There are 8 more payments following the first, all due within 30 days of each other.

NOTE! If you do not make the next payment, you may risk possible temporary blocking from the course until your payment is made.

Payment Breakdown:

  1. 30% - $1,125
  2. 8.8% - $330
  3. 8.8% - $330
  4. 8.8% - $330
  5. 8.8% - $330
  6. 8.8% - $330
  7. 8.8% - $330
  8. 8.8% - $330
  9. 11.7% - $483.75

Total Financed: $3,873.75 ($3,750 tuition + $125 finance fee)

Can I get credit if I am an ARMY medic/other trained medical professional?

Information for possible students looking for waivers based on past experience. This applies to people like ARMY medics, MARINE/NAVY corpsmen, previously licensed EMTs, RNs, etc.


PERCOM and its cooperative programs do not believe that students who have completed other training opportunities should automatically have to “redo” work.  Based on that premise, there may be times when the Coordinator or Program Director may choose to grant advanced placement for existing licenses, certifications or completed courses obtained by students from other approved programs, educational institutions, or military programs.  Any credit granted will require verifiable documentation provided by the student or through student acquisition methods to be placed in the students file if he/she is accepted into the PERCOM EMS Academy.  Not ALL “proofs” will be accepted as meeting the standards set by state and national authorities or by the PERCOM administrative staff, and PERCOM reserves the right to approve or disapprove any request for advanced placement for any specific portion of training for any reason.  Examples of potential placement based on produced documentation of proof of existing certifications, licensures or prior training and educational opportunities are listed below.  Situations not covered in this document will be evaluated for possible approval by PERCOM administration on a case by case basis.  Potential advanced placement will be worded as “waiver” in this document.



Waiver of some or all homework assignments may be granted based on production of the following documents or items.  However, students remain responsible for the information presented over these items in the course and in text and may see testing of the information in the form of Research Exam questions, skills exam scenarios, Final Exam questions or other methods.  The Coordinator will choose which, if any, assignments will be waived based on produced documentation.  However, standard norms are also listed.  *Note:  No students will be exempted from passing the Final Exam or Testing Skills Session under any circumstances.


Anatomy and Physiology Waived

  • Proof of completion of college level human Anatomy and Physiology class(es) with a grade of “C” or higher


All Homework Assignments Waived EXCEPT Drug Calculations HW

  • Proof of prior AEMT/Intermediate or Paramedic certification that is expired less than 5 years
  • Copy of current RN, PA, MD, DO licenses
  • Students who have proof of completing Nursing, Physician’s Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or Medical School may also be exempt if a transcript or other proof of successful completion is produced.  This does NOT apply to EMS personnel, who must produce evidence of current certification.
  • For students whose AEMT/Intermediate or Paramedic certification has lapsed GREATER than five years, students must present proof of prior AEMT/Intermediate or Paramedic certification with a documentable resume outlining EMS 911 experience while certified of at least one year in the field.  However, students remain responsible for the information presented over these items in the course and in text and may see testing of the information in the form of Research Exam questions, skills exam scenarios, Final Exam questions or other methods.
  • Students who are 68W or its equivalent in other branches of the military who can show documentation of successful completion of advanced training courses through the military that meet or exceed the requirements set in curriculum and are equivalent to the requirements for EMT-Intermediate 85 education and training in the areas of shock pathophysiology, treatment, and management, trauma pathophysiology and advanced field management, and advanced airway management may be eligible for this waiver.  Students must also produce curriculum outlines proving equivalency if they are not already on file in the PERCOM office and accepted.

Clinical and Field Rotation Waivers

  • Proof of prior AEMT/Intermediate or Paramedic certification that is expired less than 5 years
  • Proof of completion of clinical or field rotations from another state licensed EMS education program for AEMT/Intermediate or Paramedic certification within the last 3 years IF the student is able to produce proof of course enrollment in that school and copies of ALL clinical and field rotation records for review for potential credit.  These records must meet State rule and PERCOM minimum requirements for credit in PERCOM’s program toward course completion.  (Student clinical or field rotation completion from another program greater than 3 years old will NOT be granted exemption.)
  • For students whose AEMT/Intermediate or Paramedic certification has been expired GREATER than five years, students must produce proof of prior EMT-Intermediate or Paramedic certification with a documentable resume outlining EMS 911 experience at that level while certified of at least one year in the field.
  • Students with approved existing healthcare licenses, such as RN (or certain military medical positions who are at least EMT certified), who work in the hospital or field environments and have produced a verifiable resume that incorporates proof of ER, emergency care and duties to include standard AEMT/Intermediate skills access such as IV therapy, phlebotomy and medication administration by various routes may be exempted from having to rotate in the hospital environment, with the exception of OR for the purpose of intubations. However, the Clinical Program reserves the right to incorporate those hours into all EMS exposure environments.  SOME of these students may be able to produce evidence of documented job experiences and exposures that meet or exceed any that he/she would receive in standard EMS education field or hospital rotation sites. These records will be individually reviewed for possible waiver of Paramedic1/AEMT clinical and field rotations.  However, if the student is enrolled in Paramedic 1 (and is not planning to stop at the AEMT level in the PERCOM program), the Clinical Coordinator must also review the documentation and have a voice in the overall decision as many of these students will have OR time or other rotations “packed” into later Paramedic 2 Practicum sessions.  This will remain at the discretion of the Clinical Coordinator and Program Director.
  • Certified or licensed students from other healthcare disciplines who may be eligible for waiver of clinical and/or field rotations MUST work in an active healthcare environment and MUST have access to IV therapy, phlebotomy and intubation as part of their skills set for their employment.  This must be documented by a physician or administrator in the place of employment or duty station on letterhead and produced for approval by PERCOM administration. However, these students MUST hold an active EMT certification.

*Note:  All students listed above in this section may have experience and training that will allow them to successfully demonstrate adequate minimum performance on skills testing by attending only a skills Testing Session.  Students may do this at their option, or at their own peril, as students who fail that session will be required to attend one or more Practice Sessions and then another Testing Session. Only 3 total sessions are included in the course cost, so a rescheduling plus processing fee will be charged for each session over and above the budgeted amount prior to the student being allowed to participate in non-budgeted sessions, either Practice or Testing.

Students who are exempted from attending Practice Sessions due to waivers MUST be working in an environment that allows them access as part of their job duties to IV therapy, phlebotomy and intubation and will be required to have these skills verified on live patients in their environment by a licensed physician or Paramedic instructor.  This will not constitute as the student being a “clinical student”, and the student will be the responsibility of his/her employer.

Anatomy and Physiology Waived

  • Proof of completion of  college level human Anatomy and Physiology class(es) with a grade of “C” or higher