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Adaptive Testing Clarification and Reminder

ALL EMT, AEMT and Paramedic students that are in rotations are REQUIRED to work on the Adaptive Testing Feature inside your emstesting.com program.  Log in there and click on Adaptive Testing. There is a link at the top that will tell you how to interpret your results. Watch it/look at it. You must select the NREMT option for testbank choice in the drop down menu. You must take tests in EACH category and then cumulative exams.  You can’t just take a cumulative exam and that be it – you must do ALL of them and be passing consistently in each topic and then do the cumulative exams and be passing. Then go to the OVERALL report and look at the OVERALL selection in the upper left of that report. We WANT to see green on all of the topics under that report. But we require at LEAST yellow on each, no orange or red.

The program Advisory Council and Medical Directors approved this back in November 2019 for ALL students to help you while you are in rotations to retain material and prepare for the NREMT CBT exam.  We have found that your results here are a good indicator of whether or not you are ready to take that exam.  They are NOT going to give you feedback. They are not designed to be TEACHING tools – they are ASSESSMENT tools, However, if you evaluate your results as their information tells you, it will help you identify study areas and topics that you need to go look at and study BEFORE you take that test again.  If you just keep taking tests without going to study the identified material, you will work yourself into a loop on the overall report where you CAN’T even get to yellow on each topic. So don’t just keep taking tests if you aren’t doing well on those topics.  Review the objectives and such that it gives you and then go study before taking tests over that topic again.

We WANT to ensure your success. You have time and money invested in this program.  However, we cannot take the NREMT for you and students tend to focus on skills and rotations after final exam and forget about the knowledge that they have to retain and hone.  This will help you avoid that trap. Thank you.