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ADAPTIVE TESTING REQUIRED DURING ROTATIONS PHASE:  Students have a tendency to lose some of what they have learned while completing the rotations phase of any EMS education program, if they don’t continue to study.  This can lead to issues when attempting to pass the NREMT certification examination.  PERCOM wants all students to succeed.  So to ensure that all students continue to study and promote learning retention, they are REQUIRED to complete the following steps while in the rotations phase.  Failure to complete these steps and to email proof of completion of the steps to the Program Director will result in graduation denial (or, if Paramedic level, denial for clearance for the Final Summative Graduate Scenario Interview Exam with the Medical Director).   The graduation approval (or clearance for the Exam with the MD for Paramedic students) will be withheld until the evidence of completion of the items below is checked in as “completed” by the Program Director.  Full Challenge students without emstesting.com general access are exempt from this policy.

  1. Students must utilize the free Adaptive Testing Feature available within emstesting.com to complete this requirement.
  2. Students must click on the Adaptive Testing icon and click the button to create new tests. Students should take the “timed tests” and use the NREMT option (not Educational Standards) under Curriculum.  Then select topics starting with Airway Management and then working through all individually listed topics, taking tests until results for that topic are “Good” or higher, before moving on to the next topic.
  3. Once all topics have been rated as “Good” or higher, students must move on to taking the “Comprehensive – All Active Modules” exams looking for “Good” or higher level results. Students must continue to take these exams until results reach that minimum level or higher.
  4. Once “Good” or higher level is achieved on the Comprehensive exams, if students are not complete through all rotations (through Final Field Internship for Paramedic students) , they must continue to take a minimum of one Comprehensive exam per month to receive ratings of “Good” or higher for that month.
  5. Students MUST email the Program Director a copy of each topic and at least one comprehensive as directed above showing results of Good or Excellent in one email as pdf attachments or graduation will be withheld until those are received.

THIS IS MANDATORY for all students.  PLEASE do not cause unnecessary delays on graduation by ignoring this notice or neglecting to use this resource. It is for your own good and will improve your chances on passing the NREMT CBT.