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Advanced Placement Policy

PERCOM and its cooperative programs do not believe that students who have completed other training opportunities should automatically have to “redo” work. Based on that premise, there may be times when the the Program Director (in conjunction with the Lead Medical Director and Clinical Coodinator if indicated) may choose to grant advanced placement for existing licenses (such as RN, MD, DO), EMS certifications (active or prior), or completed courses by students from other approved programs, educational institutions, or certain military programs.

Any credit granted will require verifiable documentation provided by the student or through student acquisition methods to be placed in the student’s file that will be reviewed and approved or denied.

Not ALL “proofs” will be accepted as meeting the standards set by state and national authorities, or by the PERCOM administrative staff/Faculty. PERCOM reserves the right to approve or deny any request for advanced placement for any specific portion of training for any reason.

Active and current TDSHS and NREMT AEMT students may be eligible for Advanced Placement with only Program Director approval. Please go to this link to review the information and attached file to determine if you think you might be eligible and to enroll:

Accelerated Paramedic Program

Review and possible approvals are approached on a case by case basis.  For further information on our policy or to request advanced placement, please email the Program Director at percomonline.com.