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ARMC Upgrading Rotation PPE Requirements for Students

June 29, 2020 at 1:28 p.m.

Abilene Regional Medical Center is increasing what they will require that you bring and provide if you are going to rotate there. Here is what they wrote:

“Due to an increase of COVID-19 cases, we have updated our PPE requirements for students and staff. Please see these updates below, and ensure that any of your students and staff that attend clinicals at ARMC adhere to these requirements. Failure to do so, will result in the student/staff member being asked to leave the facility.

  • Face masks requirement: 
    • All ARMC Employees are wearing Level 1 Masks in their work areas. Any students and staff in contact with patients must wear an eyeshield along with masks. Some areas are specified otherwise such as, PACU, with N95, Level 1, and Full Face Shields. If it’s an area with more propensity for Droplets a Level 3 would be advised. 
  • What additional PPE will the students need on a shift basis?
    • Full Face shield, Eyeshield (goggles), Level 1 or Level 3, and N95 depending on the area worked.  They will be strategizing with a Level 1 for all Level 3 and N95 used.
  • What is the additional unit specific PPE, such as ICU, ER, wound care, medical-surgical?
    • If the student is allowed to go into COVID 19 Rooms then we will need proof of Fit Testing for an N95 mask. Other than that, we are using Level 1 with all HCW in non-COVID areas. Students in the OR must bring a change of scrubs and not pull from the employee borrow station.
  • What is the process for screening when the students arrive for the clinical experience?
    • Students will be asked questions before entry into the facility, temperature checked, sticker color for the day will be given to them to place on their badge, and make sure each one is wearing a mask.  The student may wear their cloth mask to come in and then change over to an HCW Level 1 mask. Everyone coming into our ARMC Facility is wearing a mask. HCW wear the Level 1 at the entry point or change their Cloth Mask once they get to their unit as well as placing on an eye or face shield. Any visitors are also required to wear a facemask.
  • Are there any off-limits/closed units such as OR, wound care, ICU, ER, COIVD-19 dedicated unit?
    • Not at this time unless ARMC, Department Director or the School say otherwise. “

Jane Dinsmore