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Cheating or Helping Others to Cheat

These courses are designed to be used as a method for each student to gain certification with national and/or state licensing authorities and professional stature in the EMS community.  Cheating, helping others to cheat, plagiarizing or breaching copyright by sharing or posting exam or homework questions/answers or published course or textbook materials to others and/or publicly posting the same on internet sites (even those designed for sharing study guides or making flash cards) is not only against PERCOM’s posted policies in its Student Handbook but also ILLEGAL.  Students found to have cheated or helped others to cheat, plagiarizing or distributing plagiarized content and material, or any other breach of copyright of materials provided by PERCOMOnline, Inc, PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium, EMSTesting.com, PlatinumPlanner.com or any other PERCOM affiliate or associate will be considered grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.  Be aware that we also may report this activity to state and/or national certification or licensing authorities or even potentially law enforcement depending on the nature of the infraction.  Thank you.