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Clarification for Students in P1/AEMT

Some students seem to have been slightly confused about what course(s) they are actually enrolled in when in this program.  If you signed up for AEMT, that is the course you are taking, and you MUST complete all the coursework, online reading and textbook reading all the way through the listed coursework on this site.  If you enrolled in Paramedic, you have a CHOICE.  You can CHOOSE to also complete the extra course content labeled for AEMT and then complete skills and the AEMT subset of rotations.  This way you can sit for the NREMT-Advanced (AEMT) examination process for certification as an AEMT. However it is not REQUIRED that you do this.

If you do NOT wish to certify as an AEMT, you can do your P1 Days 1/2 skills session after completing through Patient Assessment (just like the AEMT students) but you can complete the other two skills sessions while in P2 didactic, and before starting P2 skills sessions.  If you are only planning to certify at Paramedic level, you will not start any rotations until after you have finished and passed P2 final exam and P2 Skills Testing.  The reason for this is to ensure that you are able to seek and perform at a “Paramedic student” level during rotations and are not limited or shorted opportunities to practice Paramedic level assessments and skills as much as possible.  This also seems to help students FOCUS on getting the coursework and skills sessions completed in a timely fashion, where we have seen students who do some rotations earlier tend to procrastinate and drag on completing the online coursework or finishing skills sessions because it is just too much to do on top of work and life.  We hope this clarifies things for you.