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Deadlines and Course Access

Attention ALL students:  When you receive your course access email, it states what your didactic and/or overall deadlines are for your course for which you are enrolled. If you are in Paramedic, it gives you deadlines for P1, and then your deadlines for P2 when you get access to P2.  These deadlines are set for a reason, and you should write them down and complete your coursework before the didactic deadline and your skills and rotations before the overall course deadline.  If you cannot, you should email or message Jane (Program Director) within a few days before the deadline to discuss an extension.

The course system is set on percomcourses.com to lock you out of the course when you have exceeded your deadline.  When you do this, it is a time-consuming issue to go back in, reset you, and then for IT to mark you one item at a time back down the list (IF they can determine where you were when you left off).  It is not as simple as the push of a button.  It also causes other issues when you exceed your deadlines as your tuition is only designed to cover expenses within those deadline parameters.  After that, PERCOM continues to expend money on your behalf for various items monthly.  That is why we charge extension fees – to help recover those costs.

PLEASE be sure and watch your deadlines and complete your coursework before the didactic deadline and your skills and rotations before the stated overall course deadline to avoid being dropped or charged extension fees.  Thank you.