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Do NOT Contact Rotation Sites

For ALL students in 200, 300 or 400 classes – REMINDER. You CANNOT contact rotation sites unless you are employed by them to help work on your rotation schedule. This is against policy.

We do not allow students to contact clinical sites for scheduling for several reasons.
1. Most sites have someone specific that does scheduling and when students call they may not talk with the correct person.
2. We need to make sure that all paperwork is in place prior to sending students. State notification, and waivers attestations etc.
3. Most clinical sites have told us that they do not want students calling and trying to schedule rotations.
4. We need to make sure we have contracts, data, MD forms and preceptors in place prior to sending students to any clinical sites.

So please do NOT do this. We have had students who have done this who COST us those sites because they cancelled the agreement after a student has called and circumvented the procedures that are not just outlined by PERCOM but by them.