EMSTesting.com and NREMT Testing Issues

Please be aware that the emstesting.com testbank and NREMT’s certification testing testbank are based on the CURRENT EMS textbooks (what is the MOST common answer for something in MOST of them) and current PHTLS. In PERCOM, we also teach you NEWER standards that have come out and are based in research that are not always the same as what is in your textbooks because it takes quite a while for the textbooks to catch up. We do this so that you can function to the current standard of care when you get out and can think for yourself. HOWEVER, you have to think TEXTBOOK when you are taking the exams or your NREMT exam. We am sorry but that is just the way it is. It takes NREMT approximately 10 months (give or take) for THEM to catch up once the textbooks change so that is another lag that makes it difficult for students in modern programs. I am not sure what the time lag is for emstesting.com. Just be aware of the disparity and act accordingly – read online presentations AND read your textbook(s). An example is that even though AHA changed their standards in late 2015, the new standards were not reflected in the NREMT exams until 9/1/2016. I know this is difficult to grasp but it is a fine line we walk with you.

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