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Final Field Internship Team Leads – IMPORTANT P2 Students

The accrediting body has changed standards again and updated what can constitute a “Team Lead” for Final Field INternship which is what PERCOM calls it’s “capstone” experience in rotations. This is effective immediately.

Standard III.C.3. Curriculum
The interpretation has new language that states: “To be counted as a Team Lead the Paramedic student must accompany the transport team to a higher level of care and function as Team Leader with the exception of termination of resuscitation in the field.”

In other words, it HAS to be a transport to an emergency room.  The only exception is if field resuscitation is attempted and terminated. For the purposes of our program, the field resuscitation must include electrical and pharmacological interventions during the “code” and directed by the Paramedic student as “Team Lead”. Thank you.