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IMPORTANT – New NREMT Testing Policies

ALL AEMT and Paramedic STUDENTS – very important. ALL of you should go read this link for information concerning the new NREMT processes. Be aware that if you are “in process” as of June 20th 2024 (meaning you have either taken the CBT but not the psychomotor OR you have take the psychomotor but not the CBT, you will be forced to take the NEW CBT exam regardless to achieve certification. So I highly recommend that if you have not started the process (and unless you are certain you can it in both the psychomotor exam AND CBT before June 30th), that you wait to test NREMT until after July 1, 2024. At that point, you will JUST take the computer based test (CBT) only and will no longer be required to take the psychomotor exam. However, be aware that the new CBT exam will be much different than the existing exams (more in depth critical thinking and scenario style questions and more and varied question formats that you may not be used to). So first go to this link and review the policy changes and instructions. Second I highly recommend that you then go to How to NREMT at howtonremt.com and sign up for their review materials. I have been told their materials are very good in helping you to prepare for the new CBT exam.