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MANDATORY Login and Participation

Be aware that we have a member of our team that checks your login participation and deadlines on pretty much a weekly basis. If she finds you in violation of any of this, she sends out warnings with our JotForm Student Movement Form system. This sends emails directly to you with the info and what you just got “dinged” for. Unfortunately, if you are using a work, military, yahoo, hotmail or other private email ISP (other than gmail), sometimes they send this sort of stuff to junk/spam or trash if they let it through at all. That is why during enrollment we recommend students use a gmail email account for this program. But disregarding that is not an excuse for not knowing that you are breaching either the participation policy (by not LOGGING into percomcourses.com weekly) or past one of your deadliness. We are usually very easygoing about deadlines if you ask for extensions (RAC SB8 students excluded unless the extension is RAC approved) but you have to request using the Extension Request Form in your coursework. We are much easier going if you ask for the extension BEFORE you get one of those notices that you are past the deadline but that doesn’t mean we won’t work with you. But if you ignore these notices and keep getting them, then the lady who does this will earmark you for drop no matter where you are in the program and you could get dropped. So please make sure you look for these in your spam and trash and such weekly if you think you are out of compliance. KNOW your deadlines and stick with them but if you can’t, address it early and use the proper form to request suspension. If you can’t do coursework for a while, it might be better to request a Voluntary Suspension – that form is in your coursework for you to use as well. And remember, even after you complete final exam, you STILL must continue to LOG IN at percomcourses.com weekly until you are complete with all graduation requirements, just like showing up for class for roll call. You cannot do this in emstesting.com or platinum.com. We do this all in one place just like a class. Thank you.