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NREMT Renewals

If you are enrolled in our Paramedic or AEMT program and your NREMT certification is due for renewal, you must take one of two different pathways to renew.  The first one is if you are already employed with an EMS or Fire service who is registered with NREMT and has a Training Officer to approve your CE for your renewal. If not, then you must go to your NREMT account and request to affiliate with PERCOM and let Jane know so she can accept you.

Then you must go list your CE.  Use whatever CE have completed and post those items and upload those Certificates to your transcript on the NREMT site.  Then, for the remaining items, you would list “Enrolled in Paramedic Program” and put the sponsor as “PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium” and then choose the minimum hours for each remaining category.  You must have been working in your P1 course at least through Lesson 14. If you are a P1 Challenge and are in P2, you must have completed through Cardiology for us to give you the credits.  Otherwise, you need to seek CE to add from other sources so you can meet the minimum requirements.

Either way, you will need to email Jane at programdirector@percomonline.com and request a letter verifying your enrollment in your AEMT or Paramedic program. She will send it to you to upload as an attachment to your first entry in the NREMT transcript for PERCOM classes for CE.  For any other classes you have listed, you will need to email her all those CCC’s or certification cards as pdf attachments in one or more consecutive emails – as much together in one email as possible – so that she can verify your training.

If you are affiliated with PERCOM, once you have completed everything and have applied for and paid for your application and are pending approval by the Training Officer, email Jane and let her know so she can go check your account.  Thank you.