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P1 Trauma and Medical Homework Assignments

Inside the P1 course, at the beginning of the Trauma modules (and again at the beginning of the AEMT level modules for Medical Emergencies), are SUMMATIVE style, intense assignments that require students to research and write in essay format answers to scenario based questions. These are designed to help you learn that content, as well as to gauge how well you learned that content.  These assignments take as much or MORE time to grade that it takes you to research and write them and could be returned to you for more work if they do not meet minimum standards.  You should begin working on these assignments as soon as you get to the very first module in those sections and submit them immediately upon completion. Do not wait to submit them until you are done with other sections or the coursework. And do not submit them together. Submit the Trauma assignment as soon as you are finished with it and definitely by the time you have completed those modules.  Submit the Medical Emergencies assignment as soon as it is completed and definitely by the time you have completed those modules. Do NOT delay or there will be delays in getting them graded.  And please remember, sometimes multiple students submit large assignments like this very close together, so please be patient.

It does take time to grade and being cleared to schedule for final exam must wait until ALL grades are posted, including these.  If you believe you have completed everything, email your instructor that you think you are complete with all requirements and then wait.  Please do NOT email or call requesting again to be cleared afterwards unless it has been over 2 weeks since you submitted those assignments.  Please be patient and courteous and, if your didactic deadline is coming up, just email Jane at programdirector@percomonline.com and tell her that you are complete and just waiting for clearance to schedule final exam.  Thank you.