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Payment Plan and Financial Drop Policy

PERCOMOnline Inc. offers students the ability to pay off tuition directly with no credit approval or applied interest on outstanding amounts. While we do not require each participant to sign a financial agreement for these options, each participant is required to maintain a steady payment history to remain within their training program.

Any participant that goes longer than 30 days since their last payment will be issued a warning via email from PERCOMOnline’s Billing Dept. If payment has still not been made within the grace period provided in the warning, the participating student will be TEMPORARILY BLOCKED from their program until payment has been made.

If payment towards tuition still has not been made within 7 days of being TEMPORARILY BLOCKED, the student will be formally DROPPED from the program for Non Payment. Refunds are not available to any student dropped for Non Payment.

In the event a student has been DROPPED, they have the ability to re-enter the program and payment plan again after paying a REINSTATEMENT FEE. These fees are listed in our PRICE LIST.

If a student is on TEMPORARY BLOCK status, that student will not be able to access course materials online, take online exams, receive feedback from instructors, or attend any skills or clinical sessions.