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Policy Clarifications Regarding Rotations

Based on recent student behaviors in the clinical and EMS rotation environments, we have felt it necessary to reiterate and clarify policies governing what is expected of students behaviorally while in rotations:
1. Students are expected to be respectful, diplomatic, and professional at all times and with all people you come in contact with during those rotations or while dressed in a PERCOM uniform.

2. Students are NOT allowed to talk back to, denigrate, challenge or criticize any preceptor, staff member, or staff of any other responding or affiliated department or agency at ANY time during rotations. If you have questions or concerns, wait until you are in private to voice them but do it with respect, diplomacy and professionally.

3. Students MUST be in full PERCOM uniform as delineated in the Student Handbook and/or Clinical Manual at ALL times for rotations. You must arrive in uniform (with PERCOM nametag) and wear all of it at all times. If you are rotating in a department like OR or L&D, they MAY allow you to change into scrubs that they provide for that purpose. But you will still wear your PERCOM ID tag. Any scrubs worn for this purpose will be returned to the facility at the end of the shift or it is theft. Cleanliness and good hygiene are also expected “parts of the uniform”. You are given an opportunity when being cleared for rotations initially by PERCOM to purchase more shirts if you plan to pull back to back rotations or to have a spare. So, there is NO EXCUSE to be out of uniform.

4. Students must be on time (on time is EARLY) for your scheduled rotations and may NOT leave early without permission from PERCOM Clinical Faculty. If this occurs, the hours in Platinum must be adjusted accordingly.

5. Your personal cell phones or personal PC devices are NOT to be used during rotations except for documentation purposes for PERCOM rotation data entry and signatures. You are NOT allowed to make or receive phone calls, answer emails, or do anything else electronically except on designated breaks at designated locations agreed upon with your preceptor.

6. While on clinical/hospital rotations, you are NOT allowed to sit around. You must be with your preceptor(s) at all times, doing your required assessments, assisting in patient care, looking for opportunities to obtain your required

contacts/assessments/conditions/ages/skills, and assisting staff with other duties as requested (cleaning rooms, preparing for the next patient, etc.). You better be on your feet unless you are on an agreed upon break unless you are told to sit somewhere. Sitting at the nurse’s station waiting for THEM to tell you when there is a patient to see or a skill to perform is unprofessional and not allowed.

7. For EMS rotations, find out where you can sit and study between calls. However, you are EXPECTED to assist the crew with beginning of shift duties, such as daily truck or stock inventory checks, cleaning the unit, or other duties as assigned by your preceptors. Do not plop yourself into the crew’s recliners, beds, or other places without permission. Find out how much time you have to get to the truck when the tones drop and BE THERE on time. Crews shouldn’t be waiting on you and most will not.

8. Work to establish a relationship with your preceptor(s) so that they are willing to allow you to do the things you need to complete your rotation requirements. If your attitude or demeanor is inappropriate, unfriendly, or unprofessional, they don’t have to let you do anything and in fact, are authorized to send you home.

9. Complete your paperwork and data entry as you go throughout the shift but do not let patient assessment and care opportunities pass you by while you are sitting there documenting. Just like in the real healthcare setting where YOU are the provider, patients come first. But also just like in the real healthcare setting, you are expected to have all your paperwork, data entry, evaluations and signatures completed before you leave the shift or the site. You MAY NOT go back later and ask them to sign off or evaluate you and you MAY NOT ask other personnel who did not preceptor you to sign off or evaluate you.

10. Falsification of documentation, data entry, or signatures is a violation of PERCOM policy and law. If you do this and are caught, not only will you be dropped as a FAIL from the program, but the incident will be reported to your state licensing agency.

This list is not all inclusive. There are other expectations and requirements. Be SURE you have read and understand the PERCOM Student Handbook and the Clinical Manual as well as any other documents or emails with information sent to you by Clinical or other PERCOM faculty or staff.