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Preceptor Evaluations of Student – IMPORTANT!!

Per the clinical manuals, each student must complete an evaluation for each rotation at each clinical site or field site. Each student also must be evaluated by the PRECEPTOR for credit. THIS MEANS THAT YOU MUST COMPLETE YOUR PAPERWORK/DATA ENTRY BEFORE THE END OF YOUR SHIFT AND BEFORE YOUR PRECEPTOR LEAVES HIS/HER SHIFT, SUBMIT YOUR PAPERWORK, OPEN UP A WEB BROWSER AND NAVIGATE TO PLATINUMPLANNER.COM, AND ASK YOUR PRECEPTOR TO SIGN IN AND COMPLETE THE PRECEPTOR EVALUATION ON YOU AND SUBMIT IT. THE PRECEPTOR SHOULD BE ADVISED TO THEN LOG OUT AND HAND THE PC BACK TO YOU. ASSURE THE PRECEPTOR THAT THIS ASSURES THE EVALUATION IS NOT SEEN BY YOU DIRECTLY AND THAT YOU MUST HAVE THE EVALUATION OR YOU RISK LOSING CREDIT FOR THE SHIFT, CONTACTS, SKILLS, ETC THAT YOU JUST COMPLETED. If you are having to use hard copy paperwork because the tablet PC, internet or other issue is forcing you to use the backup hard copy paperwork, you must physically complete the site eval and have the preceptor complete the paper copy for you to upload to the Clinical Faculty. HOWEVER, remember this is ONLY to be used in a backup situation when you CANNOT use Platinum Planner to complete paperwork prior to the end of the shift due to issues beyond your control.

You also must get the Preceptor Verification Form signed by EVERY preceptor and upload it with your paperwork.  If the preceptor has difficulty figuring out how to navigate or set him/herself up in the PlatinumPlanner.com system as a preceptor, contact Platinum’s technical support for assistance.  ALL EMS preceptors MUST complete the preceptor training component and be verified.  All FINAL FIELD INTERNSHIP preceptors MUST have this completed before the rotation so if you are doing FFI, ask the preceptor if he/she has completed the preceptor quiz for PERCOM and returned it. If not, text Tammy Williams for assistance immediately at the phone number she has provided for you and that is located on the Preceptor Verification Form.