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Regarding Chat Rooms – IMPORTANT

Tuesday night Chat Rooms are Zoom instructor-led sessions that are more geared toward P1 and P2 students and the majority of the time, they target either ECG interpretation or Pharmacology (expecially drug calculations).  We have found that some students do not use these chat rooms to their best benefit and do not utilize that instructor that is  RIGHT there to interact with you real time and help you with these and other topics.  Most students who fail the Pharmacology and/or ECG Qualifiers have one common denominator – the majority did NOT attend these sessions before taking the Quals and only start to utilize this resource AFTER they have failed one or both quizzes twice and had to go to tutoring. This most likely could have been avoided by utilizing this resource to help learn while in those phases of P2 didactic.

If you restrict yourself to just doing the three required for P1 and the three required for P2 or WAIT to do them until you are already passed Pharmacology and/or Cardiology, you will most likely struggle.  We HIGHLY recommend that you start using these features EARLY on and attend as many as you need to get the help you need.  One of the most common complaints we see in End of Course Evaluations or posted publicly relates to “little or no interaction with instructors in didactic”.  In review, most of these comments seem to come from students who attended the bare minimum chats required, waited until they HAD to do them before being cleared for final exam, and/or lurked and didn’t interact much with the instructors in chat. PLEASE use these as they are intended – to HELP you achieve. It is why they are there – for YOU!  Thank you