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Reminder about Adaptive Testing!

In a post on a previous page in this forum, there is a post entitled “Adaptive Testing Policy Reposted”.  ALL students must read this and are REQUIRED to follow this policy while in skills and rotations and email the Program Director the final evidence exactly as directed in the policy.  This is MANDATORY.  Too many students are getting to graduation time and have done NONE of this or little and then get held up and cannot graduate until it is completed.  This is in your OWN best interest because it helps prepare you to do better on the NREMT CBT, which is why it was passed as a policy by the Advisory Council and Medical Directors.  Also, this shows that many students are not ready ALL posts in the Forums as required.  PLEASE be sure you have gone back and looked at ALL posts, all pages and then check this Forum and the Newfeed weekly as per the instructions in the Welcome portion of your coursework and in the Student Handbook.  Thank you.