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Reminder about Course Requirements and Order of Things

Date Posted: 2/20/2020 11:10 a.m.

We want to remind ALL students that besides meeting deadlines and logging in weekly until ALL course requirements (skills, rotations, etc) are completed, that you also are REQUIRED to carefully read all the Welcome Information, Student Resources Module, Course Orientation Module, and look at all links on the right side of the page of your course after you log in. Pay specific attention to the Clinical Paperwork link (as you need to get all of this turned in EARLY and together except for the drug screen, which must be turned in within 30 days of the start of your first date of rotations), the School Announcements Archive (all pages, all posts – read everything), the Newsfeed, Messages, and the Blog Announcements for your specific class. Pay ATTENTION after clicking and reading everything to “zero out” the notice numbers by the links and then watch every time you log in for new numbers there, indicating new posts or messages for you. This is MANDATORY. Some students miss IMPORTANT information and get confused because they don’t look at and read everything made available for you. This also includes reading the ENTIRE Student Handbook, which is located in the Student Resources in your class on this site or under the Policies link near the bottom of the webpages of the site.

Whether you are in EMT, P1, or P2, order is similar and be SURE to read the syllabi located in the course modules listed above. Students in EMT must take and pass final exam before RSVP’ing for a skills EMT Exit Session. P1 students may RSVP for ONE P1 Days 1/2 Practice Session after completing ALL coursework, homework, reading, and exams through the Patient Assessment Module but the remaining P1 skills cannot be completed until after P1 final exam is passed. (If you are in Paramedic, you can do these while taking P2 didactic if you like.) P2 students must take and pass BOTH Qualifying exams before being eligible to RSVP for P2 Days 1/2 and P2 Days 3/4. The other two remaining sessions have to wait until after passing the P2 final exam.

Be sure to look under the Clinical Paperwork link on the right side of the site EARLY and gather everything you need for rotations EARLY. You should submit everything except for the 10 panel urine drug screen TOGETHER as soon as you have it all together, keeping in mind the TB skin test also has to be done within 6 months of starting rotations. Remember, all vaccinations are described in the Student Handbook as well and you must meet the requirements to be cleared for rotations. When you do the drug screen through our system, you need to notify Mr. Dinsmore and Mrs. Williams by email when it comes back so they can clear you if all other requirements have been submitted. Once all of that is cleared, you will receive your mailed clinical package and an email with instructions and attachments from Mrs. Williams. However, you STILL cannot do ANY rotations until you have successfully completed ALL other course requirements (final exam and skills testing). And you MUST give 30 days notice on your dates and requests. This means that once you schedule your skills testing session, if you have been cleared for rotations, you can go ahead and request your dates to follow skills testing. Just remember, if you do not attend that skills testing session or you fail, those rotation dates are null and void and you must email Mrs. Williams to cancel them immediately. Remember, planning in advance is REQUIRED because the SITES typically require much advance notice to consider requests. It also can take 2, 3, or even up to 4 weeks with multiple emails and phone calls from our Clinical Coordinator sometimes to get approvals for you. SO give her the time she needs to do this for you. If your rotation is supposed to be one week away and you do not see it scheduled in Platinum Planner, email or text Mrs. Williams to ask.

Thank you,
Jane Dinsmore, Program Director