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Reminder About Mandatory Weekly Participation

Remember, ALL students are required to CONTINUE to log into the coursework section on this website weekly even after taking and passing final exam and until you have completed all graduation requirements.  This is MANDATORY and is the way we take weekly “roll call” just like you showing up for class. You can be dropped from the program for not following this policy.  The most common reason people complain they cannot get in to do this and see screens after login about their coursework being available only for paid customers is that they have EXCEEDED their overall course deadlines and have not requested or paid for an extension. If this happens to you, you must email Jane at programdirector@percomonline.com or message in this system to request an extension. Be complete in your email in outlining what you have left to do and how much longer you think you will need to do it as well as what class you are enrolled in specifically (200D, 300F, 500, etc.)  Thank you.