Texas EMS Recruitment and Retention Program Senate Bill 8 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic and other long-term factors created staffing challenges in the Texas and National emergency medical services (EMS) industry. Almost every Texas EMS agency continues to experience significant staffing shortages
due to EMS professionals feeling the impact of responding to COVID-19. In addition, EMS professionals are leaving the
field at a higher rate than ever due to burnout, the risk of COVID-19, and new career opportunities outside of EMS that can offer higher salaries, among other factors. The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) released data indicating that only 35 percent of licensed Texas EMS professionals submitted a patient care report during the first eight months
of 2021.

To support the growing opportunities in the field of EMS, the Texas Legislature is providing $21.7 million to distribute towards the funding of EMS education and retention. The Senate Bill (SB) 8 EMS recruitment and retention initiative aims to increase the Texas EMS workforce by 2,500 certified personnel.

How To Apply

Texas residents wishing to take advantage of this program will need to contact the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) office associated with their area of residence. From there, the RAC office will help the applicant locate an EMS sponsor, if necessary, and direct them to the application process for that district.

To learn more about which RAC governs your area and for contact information, please click here to visit the Texas DSHS RAC web page.


Procedure for Completion and Submission of EMSE Scholarship Funding

Follow the steps below to ensure consideration of your request.

  1. Review the EMSE funding program request document thoroughly. Incomplete or incorrectly completed forms may result in delay or denial of your request.
  2. Complete the EMSE Funding Application, individual contract forms, and course schedule. These are to be completed for and by the course sponsor, course coordinator, or by a sponsoring EMS provider. Incomplete forms will delay the processing of your request, which will delay your proposed course start date. The completed application and all supporting documents must be submitted and approved prior to your proposed course start date.


The EMSE scholarship funding application and all other supporting documents must be submitted to your regional advisory council (RAC). Signatures of the course coordinator, course sponsor, or sponsoring EMS provider are required to process the submitted request to affirm all parties are aware of this course and that all information submitted on the application is accurate.

  • Note: Do not start a class before receiving final RAC approval. Once the application for EMSE scholarship funding is complete and the RAC verifies all information, the RAC reviewer will forward the application and related documents to the appropriate RAC staff for approval and processing. Reimbursement will not be authorized for any requested EMSE scholarship funding course begun without prior approval.


Falsifying or omitting documentation related to the need or situation will result in revocation of funds. Persons who knowingly submit erroneous or fraudulent information will be subject to actions by the DSHS in accordance with either 157.16 (relating to provider license) or 157.36 (relating to EMS personnel), as appropriate. It is understood that it is a Class A misdemeanor violation of Texas Penal Code sec. 37.10 to submit a false statement to a governmental agency.

IMPORTANT! If approved and enrolled under this program, if the applicant DOES NOT finish the program or become certified within the parameters set forth by the State of Texas, the applicant WILL BE responsible for paying back the scholarship to the State of Texas or risk financial reprecussions.


DSHS SB8 Playbook

PERCOMOnline SB8 Student Agreement

RAC-D “Big Country” Application Form