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Warning about Cheating!

Students who cheat on completing course materials or on clinical paperwork or data submissions (fraudulently documenting hours, shifts, contacts, skills, preceptors, preceptor evaluations, etc.) are subject to severe disciplinary action up to and including possible expulsion from the program and a report filed with your state EMS certification or licensing office. Also, if the tuition was paid by an employer, the employer may also be notified. Cheating will NOT be tolerated. If you know someone who is or has cheated in completing course requirements, you should report it to Jane Dinsmore. Remember, if someone has to cheat to get through the course and manages to obtain certification, he/she may be the one responding to your home someday when you or your family are in time of need and that person may not be able to care for the situation because he/she didn’t complete all education requirements.