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About New Rotation Site Requests

First, we would like to remind students that we can only take site request forms for states in which we already have approval (or it is not a LIMITED approval state), unless you are willing to do the footwork as well to find an emergency physician who is willing to serve as the named licensed doc to work with us as the oversight physician, contact the state Office of EMS and see if outside programs are allowed to have rotation sites in their state and what those parameters are for our review, and also help get the sites to agree and follow through with site setup.  Even for new sites in our established states, students who want more sites added must do the footwork to talk with the appropriate people at the site to get them to agree to sign an agreement with us and provide us with the information we need and do preceptor orientation/training (a small online course).  We are happy to follow up with the sites if they are in states we have approved and meet the criteria (EMS services have to be 911 with Paramedics who will agree to serve as preceptors, hospitals should have access for students to various departments and NOT require that we provide clinical faculty on site when a student is in attendance, etc.).  That doesn’t guarantee that they will sign, but if you send us the required form completed with the appropriate information, we will follow up.

Second, we will NOT pursue requested agreements if it is just for one to five specifically named students and will not allow us to send other students from our program on an ongoing basis.  Setting up a new rotation site requires hours of work between emails, working out legal agreements, gaining census data, ensuring documented preceptor orientation/training is completed, and notifying the state and medical director for each student placed if outside of Texas.  We will not work to gain approval at all for a new STATE and sites to be added in that state if the approval is not an ongoing long-term thing to help multiple students who are or who may sign up for our program from that state or region.  For accreditation approval, there are LOTS of steps and people involved and hours of work. Thank you.