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Update on Rotations – Mandatory

These are REMINDERS about mandatory items for rotations. Please read this carefully.  They apply to you when you are attending either hospital or EMS site rotations.

1. Students can not leave early (before the end of your scheduled shift) unless there is an emergency or you are SENT away by the site due to an emergency or disciplinary reason. The site is not going to sign paperwork if you leave before the end of your shift.  If you must leave early for ANY reason, you must text the Clinical Coordinator immediately. You will be required to submit an incident report.  But leaving early typically means you will receive no credit for the shift, anything you completed during the shift, and could lead to disciplinary action.
2. Students are required to do assessments, vital signs,etc, and document REGARDLESS if the preceptor also does them.  Preceptors are not obligated to and will not give you access to their PCR’s or give you patient information to fill in your paperwork and Platinum data entry..
3. Students must have preceptors fill out all hard copy paperwork given to you by the Clinical Faculty in email before your first rotation because Preceptors do not always go into platinum and do it there.  That is why it is provided.  So yes, you will be doing paper documentation as well as Platinum data entry on that documentation and will need to upload all those documents as well in Platinum.  If your preceptor does not fill out and sign the preceptor required forms or signatures either in Platinum or on paper, you will not receive credit for the shift or anything you did during that shift.

4. You MUST obtain all preceptor signatures and evaluations before the end of the shift (or by the time designated by the site for that shift).  If the preceptor leaves and you didn’t obtain your forms and signatures, you will lose credit for the shift and all things you did during that shift. It is INAPPROPRIATE to try and go back and find the precepors later because you failed to do what is in policy in the Clinical Manual.

5.  Be SURE to read the Clinical Manual THOROUGHLY. Print it off. Take it and all objectives and paperwork with you to EVERY shift.

This is not meant to sound harsh.  However, it is necessary apparently to reiterate the rules so that students are aware of the rules that govern them and which must be met while completing rotations.  We want you to succeed but to do so, the rules must be followed carefully.  Thank you.