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Reminder about Rotation Scheduling

We have had more and more students sending in short requests for rotation dates and times and without the required time frame per policy of 30 days notice on those requests.  During the pandemic, our Clinical Faculty did the best they could to help as many as possible and even allowing down to 2 weeks for some sites. However, that has become untenable and most of the sites are now back to requiring a minimum of 30 days notice on requests.  This policy is required.  You must give a minimum of 30 days notice for your requested clinical or field dates to allow enough time for us to follow site policies as well as do the inevitable back and forth it takes to get each rotation approved.

Also, it is POLICY that students are not to be calling or contacting sites to establish their OWN schedules UNLESS they have received special permissions from Mrs Williams, PERCOM Clinical Coordinator, because they work for that site or have another special circumstance.  Scheduling yourself without that permission based on a specific situation is not acceptable and those requests will NOT be granted.

Thank you.