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Student Announcement Reading ALL is Mandatory

We keep getting students making it all the way to ready to graduate but then find that they have done little or none of the required Adaptive Testing per the policy posted in these announcements that has been in place since December 2020 as an updated mandatory policy.  Many seem surprised and have “never heard of this”, which tells us that there are some of you who are not reading ALL posts of this Forum when you start the program. Then you need to watch this Forum weekly for new posts at the very minimum. This is where we share important or updated information in one place for all students for all courses.  If you have not read all of the pages of your course forum (page number links are below the posts on page 1 here), then you need to go and read ALL posts, all pages ASAP.  Then watch for new ones at the top of page one until we mark you ready to graduate.

Remember, if you exceed your overall course deadline without an extension, not only will you not be able to read new posts here but you also will not be able to continue to log into this site weekly as required until you graduate to mark your participation.  This is also mandatory.

Thank you.