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Homework Issues

I have received three emails in a row from students in response to being past didactic deadline stating that the students had completed all of their homework and were preparing to send it “all in and then will be cleared for final exam”.  If you do not submit your homework assignments as you go, but instead wait to submit all or most at the end, you will find a significant delay in getting them graded. It is not fair to other students who send in their assignments as they go to have to wait several extra days while the instructor bogs down trying to grade multiple submissions by one student.  It takes a great deal of time to grade some of these assignments to be able to grade you fairly and give you needed feedback if indicated. If it took you 8 hours to complete the assignment, it will take the instructor several hours to grade it adequately.  So be SURE you send your assignments in as you go. Do not sit on them until the end and send them all at once expecting to be cleared quickly for final exam.  The instructor is not going to put all other students to the side to grade it in bulk – they will grade one of yours and grade some other student submissions. Then they will grade another of yours and then more of other students, etc.  Thank you.