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Clinical Paperwork Docs Upload and Submission

Please note it is NOT advisable to wait until after you take and pass your final exam to submit your clinical paperwork and requirements in for rotation clearance. You need to do this at least a month before you take the final exam or, if in AEMT or P2, while you are completing the skills practice sessions. This way, as SOON as you take and pass your skills testing session, you should be cleared so that you can submit your requested dates and approximate location requests to him to avoid delays. There is a link on the right side of your course page for reading about and submitting all your documents and requirements. It is best to do this all in one submission to avoid confusion and delays.

Also, you MAY NOT attend any rotations without being scheduled by or through the Clinical Coordinator, the session posted in platinumplanner.com, and you MUST be in full uniform as described in the Clinical Manual at all times, including school nametag.  Students attending rotations that were not scheduled/cleared by the Clinical Coordinator may be removed from the program as you would be operating without program approval.  Students who attend rotations out of uniform may be sent home and the sites typically contact the school.  You may not be allowed to return to the site, remaining rotations canceled at the site, and you risk being removed from the program.  SCHOOL NAMETAGS must be worn at all times by students while on a rotation.  This is a Texas law and not wearing your nametag is a breach of the law, not just PERCOM policies.