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Clinical Paperwork Submission Rules

On the right side of your page on this site after you login to your coursework is a link for your Clinical Paperwork to be submitted. You should go review this EARLY after gaining course access and pull all your documents together.  YOU MUST USE THIS METHOD TO UPLOAD ALL YOUR CLINICAL PAPERWORK DOCUMENTS AT ONE TIME unless otherwise instructed.

It is highly suggested that you send this when you schedule your final exam and then, immediately go take your drug screen through CFirst and let Mrs. Davilla know by email when the drug screen results have posted. The only documents that will be accepted by email are revisions or other missing items requested by Clinical Faculty.

Things that can cause delays in you being cleared for rotations (and which are the most common mistakes we see in submissions) are when students are guilty of:

1;  Not submitting ALL the clinical paperwork requirements (except for the drug screen) at one time using that upload system provided.  When you send in bits and pieces and then try to send the rest by email, those emails tend to get buried in the hundreds of emails Mrs. Davilla receives per day and can get lost.

2.  Not submitting the CORRECT items that meet the listed criteria or not submitting legible items or not submitting items that clearly show your name or other needed information or not submitting items in English.  We cannnot accept documents in other languages.

3.  Submitting incomplete shot records that do not meet or cover all of the listed requirements or submitting records that cannot be determined if they are really yours or the information on them is not readable.

4.  Not submitting items that are to have been done within a designated previous time period (i.e. TB skin test less than 6 months old).

5.  Not starting the HepB series immediately upon enrollment if you have never had it (it can take up to 6 months to complete and you either have to have all 3 shots or a titer showing seroconversion).

6. Not submitting all documents in pdf format.  Sending photo files are not acceptable because many times they are not readable on enlargement and very difficult to print without editing. The only exception to this is the required headshot photo that will be used to make your rotation nametag.

If you DO cover all of the things above correctly in your submission (and follow the instructions on the webpage for this explicitly) your  clinical paperwork can be processed much more quickly. Thank you.