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More Clinical Paperwork and Clearance Issues

Students, you need to be aware that processing clinical paperwork submissions does take some time.  There is another post in this Forums that you should read closely on how to avoid unnecessary delays.  However, when the Clinical Faculty finds something missing or submitted that is unusable on our end for whatever reason, they will email you and tell you what that is and you must resubmit to them by reply email or whatever method they give you in their email.  Every time that you do NOT submit everything completely and in the proper format and in any form that is not verifiable or does not meet the requirement will cause you MORE delays.  Please do NOT contact the Program Director or call PERCOM’s main office to try to speed things up for this or scheduling unless you have done everything required and submitted it all correctly, have answered or corrected anything needed, have let Clinical Faculty know your drug screen is ready for viewing in CFirst, and have given them ample time to process.  We assure you that they are working on your paperwork and you need to talk with Mrs. Davilla by email about the progres and to be sure you have everything turned in correctly.  Processing clinical paperwork can take up to two weeks. This is why it is IMPERATIVE you submit when you are ready to take your EMT, AEMT or Paramedic final exam and have it scheduled.  If you wait until AFTER you take that exam, there will be further delays. If you are coming in from out of state or out of the country, as soon as you take and pass your EMT, AEMT or Paramedic final exam, you need to email the Program Director to start the planning process for skills and rotations. But remember this means you will need to have submitted all your clinical paperwork requirements to avoid further delays.

The 30 day minimum request timeframe for rotations is for AFTER your clinical paperwork is marked clear. If you request your rotation dates but still have not submitted all portions of your clinical paperwork correctly, those date requests will not even be sent to the sites. Keep in mind that the ROTATION SITES require all the paperwork (or a verification from us that all the paperwork is complete).  So we simply cannot send your date requests pending you completing your part correctly.  They will not accept.

Once you are cleared, you will be mailed a packet and will also receive an email from Mrs. Williams outlining your next steps. Thank you.