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Email Addresses

Please ALWAYS use the email address that we have on the roster for you whenever you are doing ANYTHING with PERCOM or its website, whether it be scheduling for an exam, scheduling for skills, whatever. The email address on the roster is either the one you enrolled using OR the one you changed to after enrolling, notifying us of the change, and you changing it in your online profile with us.  When you send email or schedule an exam etc using a DIFFERENT email address, it totally mucks up the works on our end for tracking and other issues. This is a BIG issue so PLEASE do not use various email addresses. If you change your email address after enrollment, please email programdirector@percomonline.com copied to your didactic instructor, if you are still in the didactic phase of the course and then go change it in your profile on percomcourses.com.

Also, please do NOT change your user name that you used for setting up your account on our website.  This again causes great confusion on our end. Stay with what you originally set up during enrollment.

Thank you.