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Course Deadlines and Extensions

Every student has a set deadline by which he/she is to complete didactic through final exam and the final deadline to complete EVERYTHING in the course through skills testing, clinical and field rotations, and final field internship (P2). This deadline was stated in the initial course access email you received. While we try to work with students because we know life happens, it is causing serious problems on our end. When students exceed this deadline, it creates problems with state and national reporting requirements. Also, your initial tuition paid only covers a set amount for faculty and when the time frame for the course is exceeded, PERCOM continues to expend money on your behalf for faculty and other expenses. So if you cannot finish your course by the course deadline and must ask for an extension, you will be charged for this service. And remember, extension requests are due BEFORE the deadline and are not guaranteed. The best way to avoid possibly not being granted an extension or having to pay fees for extensions is to be sure you complete all course requirements by the deadline. PERCOM is not obligated to allow students to remain in their courses for longer than the designated time frames:

EMS Instructor – 3 months
EMT – 3 months though Final Exam, total 6 months
AEMT only – 5 months through Final Exam, total 9 months
Paramedic full course – 20 months. You must complete P1 through Final exam in 5 months. You can move up to P2 didactic at that point and have a maximum of another 5 months to complete P2 didactic. The sooner you finish P2 didactic and P2 didactic, the more time you have left for skills and all rotations through Final Field Internship.