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Platinum Planner for Skills and Rotations Data Entry and Documentation

For tracking skills competencies as well as scheduling and submitting paperwork and documentation for rotations, PERCOM now uses Platinum Planner. You are required to enter all your skills competency data with this system and will receive an message with instructions prior to your first skills practice session. If you do not receive this message with instructions, email Jane at programdirector@percomonline.com to let her know. It is IMPERATIVE you have set up your Platinum Planner course and classes BEFORE attending the first skills session. This process can take several days to do so be sure and start the process as soon as you get the Platinum invite email and follow carefully each day until your course and skills class are accepted. You will not receive acceptance in Platinum for your rotations until you have successfully submitted all your required clinical paperwork and documents.

It is also absolutely imperative you do your data entry PROMPTLY following each skills session and during and before the end of each rotation. You also must obtain your preceptor evaluation(s) for each rotation BEFORE you leave the site. Failure to do so can result in the skills session or rotation being negated and forcing us to have to charge you for reschedule fees and you to redo the session or rotation. Do NOT delay in entering your data and submitting it promptly. Also be accurate and honest for your full credit. Even if you complete everything in the session or rotation as required, failure to submit correct and accurate data could lead to you having to reschedule again (and associated fees if any). Honesty and integrity is expected and dishonesty in data entry will not be tolerated and could lead to dismissal from the program. So be careful and complete as you enter your data. Thank you.