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Communicating with Staff and Faculty

PERCOM’s policy is to communicate with students and potential students in electronic form due to the high volumes of student and client interactions and the need for us to document. We have changed our system to allow more ready access to your instructor, Clinical Coordinator, Program Director, and Staff (Admissions, Payments Manager, etc) inside this system. We prefer that you use email or the Message feature in this system. Email is preferred if you are submitting documents. Telephone conversations tend to get lengthy at times and our phones stay very busy even with up to 4 people a day answering phones and trying to return phone calls. So please use this system unless it is an emergency that cannot be resolved in this system.

Also, technical support issues, problems accessing something inside your coursework, broken links or pages, etc. should be addressed using the Support ticket method or, if available, the Chat feature on this site.  There are icons on the main percomcourses.com webpate available for this purpose.  Many of your questions may be answered in the FAQ’s available there as well, using the Support icon.. Be sure to put in YOUR email address if it asks for email address and please identify yourself – full name as enrolled.

If you email or message your instructor or someone else in this system, please be patient for an answer. We try to return all messages within 3 business days but in high volume times, it can take longer. If a week  has gone by with no response despite more than one attempt, message the Program Director being sure to relay the issue, when you messaged and who, etc. so that she can research the issue and help you resolve the problem. Thank you.